Saturday, November 04, 2006


The 2nd port of call we had was Georgetown, Grand Cayman. The weather was rainy and windy. But that didn't stop us from going out and swimming with the sting-rays at Sting-Ray City. The boat ride was a bit scary, and it was a little scary at first to get in the water with the sting-rays, but it was really fun once we got used to them. We got to hold them, kiss them, feed them (for the brave....) and touch them. It was amazing how soft they were - it was softer than silk! And their tails were so bony - kind of like sand paper. Even though we didn't get to stick around for long (because of the weather), we had a great time!


The Rhiens said...

Cool! I am surprised to hear that they are so soft to touch. Again, I am not sure I would have had the courage, but it looks like you all enjoyed it.

Mom and Dad

Alli said...

I thought sting rays are poisonous? Didn't the Crocodile Hunter die by a being stung from a sting ray? Wow, looks like fun!

april said...

LOVE that last pic of you! you're so brave!