Saturday, November 04, 2006

Cruisin in the Caribbean

Well we're back! We had a good time on our cruise. The weather was lousy for most of the cruise....but we had fun getting away, and doing something different. We ate, relaxed at the pool (proving that you don't have to have sun to get sunburned....), ate, watched shows, ate, and ate some more. I swear - I gained at least 10 lbs while we were gone!

The highlight of the trip was by far the "Sexy Legs" contest. Cory was not only a fabulous contestant - he won the coveted "Chicken Legs" award. He went all out for the contest - borrowing a blond wig, wearing my swim suit and skirt, shaving his legs (the smoothest legs on the ship!), painting his toe-nails, and wearing my was quite the look for him. I wish I had some better pictures - he really strutted down that pool deck to show his stuff.

We also had a great time getting to know the people at our dinner table. There were 2 other couples, about Cory and my age - and they were lots of fun. They really made dinnertime fun.

And we loved spending time with Cory's parents! It was fun to get to relax and have fun with them, and for them to spend some time together alone - we were glad we got to bring them with us!

Now it's back to real life....catching up on laundry and the real world. It sure was good to see Gabe - we really missed him.

Oh - and thanks Mom for taking care of him! We really appreciate your help!


The Rhiens said...

Hey, it was my absolute pleasure to take care of Gabe while you were gone. Our locale may not have been as exotic, but we had LOTS of fun.


Chase and Kori said...

It looks like all of you had an awesome time and were able to have a lot of neat experiences despite the weather. And I must say -
Wow! You are lookin' great!! These Ellis boys keep me laughing!
Seeing these photos is making me excited for our cruise in December!
Glad you guys were able to go.

april said...

glad yall had fun and I'm glad you're home!! :)

Wendy Sue said...

Looks like you had a great time -- GO CORY!! LOL :o)