Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Who me? Yeah - I know I'm cute!

"Look Mom - I can do it too!" (I was playing cars with him and I put one on my head. He thought it was pretty awesome that he got one to balance on his noggin too.)

Ok - this is kind of an odd picture.....but it has a point. This past week Gabe has figured out how to stand up on his own. Up to this point if he fell over he would crawl over to something to pull himself up - and then walk. But now he can plop down wherever he wants, and get up on his own. (Its super cute when he does it too!)

Just can't resist this cute little smile. I love how he tips his head back when he really cheeses it - it's so cute! Now this picture cracks me up. I think we may see more poses like this from Gabe. It's the "I'm too sexy" pose. Let's see....anything else???

Well Gabe has been OBSESSED with reading lately. He has always loved stories - but his limit was maybe 3 stories and he was done. But just the last several days he has actually been wanting to read like 10 stories at a time! The only way he gets off my lap is to get a new book. And when I try to put him down for bed, or a nap - he gets upset and points to the chair we read in and cries until I read some more. (I actually don't know if he loves to read, or if he knows I'm a pushover for reading and will actually stall his nap for a good book....) It's exciting to share my love of reading with him. I'd love to hear any recommendations for children's books if you have any.

Gabe also loves puzzles. We have a couple of the little wooden ones with animals on them, and a couple other wooden ones - he loves them. He matches up all of the pieces (although doesn't always get them into the spots...since you have to line them up just right) and then he'll dump the pieces out and do it again. I found a cute farm animal puzzle the other day that had animal noises when you put the pieces in. He knows all the sounds of the animals on the puzzle and he loves to tease me by putting the wrong piece on the wrong spot - and laughs. Almost like he's saying, "Ha-ha, a cow that sounds like a sheep - that's so funny!" He's quite the character!

And lastly - since I'm on a kick with bragging about my genius child (every parent thinks that right?) - another one of Gabe's favorite things lately is flash cards. We got these Baby Einstein flash cards that have pictures of things like apples, fish, cows - different words to teach kids. Yesterday he kept wanting to get them down to play with them. I'll show him the card and he'll either make a noise or a gesture that represents each item. It's so awesome to watch the wheels turning, and see things click - like he really gets it. SO awesome!

Anyway - that's our life right now, animal sounds, books, and flash cards. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!


Jed said...

Congrats Gabe!
You're growing up SO fast. Your cousin Alli is excited to see you this Christmas! She talks about you quite often. She's glad that you are in our family, and that now you are walking around. Alli likes to dance a LOT, do you like to dance? Maybe she can teach you some of her moves when you get together. We love you guys so much.


The Rhiens said...

That boy makes me laugh! :) Love these new pictures. Each one shows a different side of his personality. Cute!

Love, Gramma and Grampa Rhien

april said...

ok Joanna, you cant ever go that long without posting pics of him again. he seriously looks like he's grown a foot or more in these pics!!!! SO big! give him a big hug for me!

Anonymous said...

It seems amazing to me to watch him grow so fast--it's like learning to walk has just opened up new physical and mental developmental doors for him. In a couple of those pixs he could have been a 2yo. . .

Thanks for brightening my day,
All our love, Sandra

brian carper said...

What a cutey! That little guy is really growing. We just love the pictures you post. Love to see him in his cute poses, and that killer smile. Love you guys. Brian The Carpers

Anonymous said...

I swnd the weeks pics to my mom and she gets such a kick out of the gtand kids. Love Grandma Marilyn

Wendy Sue said...

I was thinking he LOOKED so grown up...and then when I read your entry, I discovered I was right -- what a big boy! (and a cute one too!)

Anonymous said...

I agree! He is a ham. I always felt like when the kids started to walk, life was going to go by really fast. The little poses of him are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Boy does he Look Cute i still cant believe he is one of my nephew. Love You Guys