Friday, September 22, 2006

My (not so secret) crush

Ok - I have to admit it, I have a crush.....I have had a crush on Peter Brienholt ever since I first heard his music. Don't know what it might be the bald might be how he dances around on stage with his guitar....and it might be his amazing voice. I don't know what for sure - but I do know I have a crush. :) Don't worry - I told Cory all about it and he's fine with it.

We went to listen to Peter Brienholt perform at Cedar City's Fall Festival tonight. It was even worth standing out in the FREEZING weather to hear him. I wanted to go up and dance up by the stage with the SUU students, but Cory wouldn't come up with me. I told him it would help keep him warm - but that didn't even persuade him.

Anyway - if you haven't ever heard Peter Breinholt - you should go check out his website and listen to his tunes - worth every penny! Especially check out the song "You Wear Flowers" - a great tune to dance around to!

(pictures from the website)


MaryRuth said...

How fun!!! I went and listened to some of the songs on his website... fun stuff! I'll have to buy some songs. Glad you guys had a great time!

My not so secret crush is Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs on Discovery... probably not quite as refined as Peter B.... but my husband approves :)

Paul and Nicole Rhien said...

Peter Brianholt is special to Nicole & I because we went on our first date to his concert! I went on several first dates last summer, but none were as relaxed and as FUN as with Nicole.

He also sang at my freshman orientation concert/dance. We were the students dancing down in the front :) (I mean the very front... you couldn't have been closer to the stage.

Anyway, I just thought I would reminisce.
Love you, Paul

Anonymous said...

He is fantastic! We heard him at our company's Christmas party last year. His dad is part owner of Alpine Home Care/Hospice. So kind of neat we have connections! Ha! Hope you two didn't catch cold! Love ya,

Erica said...

Oh my gosh! I had tickets to his concert the week before, but didn't end up going. (It was really cold and rainy). I did get to see him at the Stampin' Up convention awards night. He performed with Jon Schmidt and was AMAZING. The whole SU staff went up right in front when he sang You Wear Flowers. What a fun night that was. I agree, he's pretty dang hot on stage.

april said...

I absolutely adore his version "daydream believer".....could listen to it! :)