Sunday, September 17, 2006


Just a 2-page layout I did today of pictures that family took while I was gone. I wanted to be sure to document the special time that Gabe got to spend with special family. I was so blessed to be able to trust these family members so much. I didn't worry about Gabe even for a minute!


The Rhiens said... this layout! Lots of people love Gabe, huh? :) We sure had fun with him and it looks like Tammy and her mom did, too. Thanks for trusting him with us.

Love the layout--is it paper or digital?


MaryRuth said...

Love this page!!! Is this a digital kit? Where did yu get the green dots from? Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your love and support, kids, I had a great time with the little guy. Wish we lived a little closer to see him more often. I knew he would be great for gramma and grandpa Rhein as Gabe would feel it was just like home.

Spencer & Ashley said...

looks like he had a lot of fun.