Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lego Show-and-Tell

So Gabe has Show-and-Tell tomorrow at school. He originally wanted to take some of his completed Lego creations. I wasn't looking forward to the tears that were certain to happen when the pieces fell apart and things were missing when he got home. So I came up with a better idea - I'm making Gabe a mini-book using some pictures of a few of his competed projects. (Sadly this is just scratching the surface - that kid has entirely too many Legos!)  My friend Libby has a DARLING brag-book using her "Some Assembly Required" kit. You can find it in her store at Sweet Shoppe.

I'm printing the pictures right now in 1-hour photo.  They are just the simple 4x6 size. I think printing them in the 1-hour service costs around .19$ per picture - a total of $2.05 with tax. Then I'll stick 2 pictures together (back to back) and run them through my laminator. I'll put a hole in the corner of the pictures and put them all on a ring. It will be a little flip book for him to take with him for show and tell. That way he can show some of his creations and not have to worry about losing things.

I'll try to take some pictures of the finished project, but for now here are the photos that will be in our little project.

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