Sunday, August 21, 2011

Law of Chastity FHE Lessons

I have been working on my Relief Society Lesson for this month - Lesson #39 - The Law of Chastity.  Here are some links that I'm sharing that go along with the theme that can help families teach these same principles in Family Home Evening:

This lesson was very hard for me to prepare.  I literally spent most of the week - any chance I had to prepare for it. As I read our prophet's teachings, the scriptures, personal experiences and commandments the spirit whispered to me that THIS was vital.  This lesson and message - to keep our bodies clean and pure is of the utmost importance.  I MUST teach my children and prepare them for what Satan is going to throw their way.  I felt almost a heaviness and a scariness in that....but I know that I have a responsibilty to them.  I loved this quote I found in A Parent's Guide that changed the way I viewed what I am teaching my children:

"You are not simply caring for your children until they can leave home - you are training infinitely precious children of God to someday be worthy to receive all that the Father has."

I also found a renewed energy in myself to live a virtuous and chaste life.  I have seen the blessings that come from following these commandments as well as the sorrow that results from not obeying the strictness of the law.  I've watched families and individuals fall away from truth as they've allowed Satan a place in their lives and his temptations into their hearts.  I loved the scriptures in the lesson that talked about how the Lord will not let us be tempted above that which we are able to handle.  He will prepare a way for us to escape if we will cling to the truth of the gospel.

I have a testimony of chaste and virtuous living.  I know that in living a life within these bounds that our marriages and families can prepare to be together through eternity and for that I am so grateful!


Anonymous said...

I am really struggling with this lesson. This is the first lesson that I sincerely feel inadequate to teach. I thought that I should do one more search for information and found your sight. I was wondering if you would be willing to share your outline of what you taught. Thanks for the links they were answers to my prayers!!


Ellis Family said...

Shauna - leave your email address in a comment and I'd love to send you what I have. Good luck, pray a lot and I promise the spirit can help guide you as you teach this sensitive subject.

Anonymous said...

My email address is

Thank you so much!!!


Natasha Buckner said...

I would love some more information as well Ellis Family...can you email it to me? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for these resources! We were trying to prepare a lesson for a 7,5,3 yr old, about the Law of Chastity. These resources helped so much! Thank you!!!