Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-10-10 Run

Hey guys! I got up this morning for my 10k run on 10-10-10! I LOVE running in the mountains and it was a perfect morning for it. Late last night I mapped out my route and Cory dropped me off @ Right Hand Canyon. My route was supposed to end at the scocer fields. While I was running in the canyon I had to be careful because apparently it was a great morning for senior citizens to take a drive....I kept almost getting run off the road by some of the sweetest looking "older" folks. But once I got on the paved path it was nice to turn on my tunes and just enjoy the morning.

I ended up finishing up a bit faster than I had planned, and I was excited about that. But then when I went to log it on "Map My Run" I realized that I hadn't read the map quite right and this meant that I hadn't quite reached my 10K distance (I think I was off about .3 of a mile). Darn it! I was so disappointed! But then I figured up my time and I had done it @ under a 10 minute pace - I was actually around 9 minutes. That felt awesome. So less than a 10K, but less than 10 minutes/mile - so I was happy.

I was actually really bummed that I hadn't planned for a 10 mile run time wise - because I felt great and wanted to keep running. The problem was time and trying to make it to church in time.

Anyway - as I was driving up the canyon I had the radio on and it was playing the "Sounds of Sunday" church music playing. The last song I heard was the Tabernacle Choir singing "Press Forward Saints". It was funny because as I ran the lyrics of that song came back to me. I don't normally get "pumped up" as I listen to church music (in an energetic running kind of way) - but this was different - it was very contemplative. The minute or two when I got tired it was like the good old choir was cheering me on "Press Forward!" :)

I loved thinking about the fact that to celebrate 10-10-10 I was being active and running a 10k instead of having a more typical goal for me which would have been to eat 10 cookies, or 10 different kinds of treates.  Being active and feeling my body moving in a healthy way was much more of a celebration!  Next year on 11-11-11 I'm going to be running 11 miles - it was fun!

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Kristi said...

Way to go Joanna! You look great and are so inspiring me to continue to run. Thanks for the quotes too. I love reading about you and your sweet family.