Monday, August 23, 2010

Layout Catch-Up

One thing that makes me crazy about creativity is that it comes at the most inoprotune times.  Seriously - the more stressed out and the more other stuff I need to work on the more ideas I have buzzing in my head and itching at my fingertips.  I'm sure that's similar for a lot of people - but it makes me nuts.  I can't concentrate on balancing check books when all I can think of is scrapbook pages.  Sheez!  Oh - another thing that I start obsessing over is cleaning my house and organizing closets and drawers.  Suddenly the cleaning tasks I've been putting off for days/weeks/months become urgent and actually look like fun when compared to my current to-do list.  I must buckle down and work on some book keeping garbage.  YUCK!  :)

Anyway - I haven't posted layouts in a while.  Sorry about that - here's an overload of them.  As usual - if you are interested in any of the kits or templates let me know in the comments.  They're all from creative teams I'm on.

1 comment:

Kim and Tammy said...

Joanna, your layouts make my days! If I could just find some time right now to do some!