Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tag - 6 things

I was tagged by Chrissy, so here it goes: Post 6 interesting things about you.

  1. I have a lot of hair - thick hair, and it drives me NUTS! My face is hyper-sensitive to the feeling of things on it and if I have hair on my face it makes me crazy. Static-y hair makes me extra nuts. If my hair is long enough - it's generally in a pony tail, and if it's short I can be found at home with those elastic/fabric headbands on to keep it off of my face. I'm kind of fanatical about it.
  2. I don't like to try something new unless I think I can master it. This fear keeps me from trying a lot of things I'd probably enjoy.
  3. Right now my backyard (and front yard) is full of tumble-weeds. I'm not sure where they came from - but I need to take care of them. Apparently waiting for the next wind to come and whisk them away isn't working for me...
  4. I went through a phase where I didn't make my bed. I think it was a rebellion - just to prove that I was an adult and could leave my bed unmade if I wanted to because I was in charge. Then one day a friend of mine (Tammy Jensen) made the comment that "If I make my bed I feel like at least I got one thing done - at least my bed is clean and neat - even if the rest of my life/house isn't." After that everytime I'd look at my bed unmade I'd think, "I can't even get my darn bed made - I'm a mess!" I'm pretty sure that ever since that comment my bed gets made almost first thing every morning. I kind of laugh about it actually. Thanks Tammy!
  5. I would love to be a professional photographer, a labor and delivery nurse, a graphic designer, or an "idea person". I am really good at looking at *other people's* businesses and thinking of awesome marketing ideas for them - however, if I try to work on our own business there is a major block and I can't figure things out. However - if you want to ask me how the local pizza place could increase sales I have an earfull for ya. Also - I don't want to have to implement the ideas - I just want to be paid for my brilliant IDEAS.
  6. People *think* I am organized - it's all a facade. Underneath it all I'm a bit crazy and a total mess. You would know this if you looked at the piles on my desk and kitchen counter right now. I do dream of being organized though - labels on everything, millions of rubbermaid containers for everthing to be seperated into....ah....Oh - and I am slightly OCD about piles even - if they are stacked neatly I can handle it - but if things aren't lined up and straight - it makes me nuts.


Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

My neighbor in Pleasant Grove gathered up all her tumbleweeds and spray painted them orange for a pumpkin at Halloween, then she added giant feathers and turned it into a turkey for Thanksgiving.

You should be able to gather them into piles and spray paint them to look like Easter eggs or a giant shamrock for Irish day.

I love that Hunter grabs Gabe and tackles him. I love it when big brothers and sisters realize "that baby thing" is now a force to be reckoned with.

I like the idea of the bed making. I still don't make my bed. Brian wasn't allowed out of the house as a kid unless his bed was made (well, neither was I) but I think he would probably like it if I made the bed sometimes. I just look at it as a timesave, cuz I never know when I'm gonna want to jump back in and take a nap. hehehehe
Love you, Aunt Charlotte

ChrissyW said...

yay you played!!! I'm the same way about hair on my face - ack - hate it!

Sandra said...

I make the bed (sort of--I pull up the covers and make sure they are all there since they have a mysterious tendency to migrate to my spouse's side of the bed :-)) because I like the sense of refuge and order it gives me when I next crawl into it. One of my favorite times of the week is Saturday when the sheets are clean, and all the blankets are smooth, and I even have a clean nightgown. It just feels like all is right with my world, for that tiny little minute.

Love, Sandra

Rachel Clare said...

I'd love to hear marketing ideas from you!!