Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nice Weather

This week we've had some pretty nice weather. It hasn't been San Diego weather - but it has been nicer, a bit warmer. On Tuesday Gabe was enjoying the warm weather and came out of his room in his snazzy Lightening McQueen swimming suit - insisting on going back outside to run through the sprinklers (it was 53 degrees). I had to stop him from doing it, but my little guy isn't deterred easily. He set up his own "swimming pool" in the basement with blankets, our big love sac and a bunch of pillows. Silly kid.

Today however, the weather was nice enough for us to play outside for a while - it was nice. A little breezy still (it's Enoch - right?) - but still nice to get some fresh air. It really made me anxious for the real springtime. Hunter loved climbing up the wood steps up to the slide and was quite daring on the swing set. He's a little dare-devil - it scares me for the future!


Alicia & Justin Clark said...

Way cute pictures! I love the absolute, pure joy on their faces!! Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the burst of spring. We have pussy willows blooming so it will come soon. Love ya. Like your "Do".Grandma Marilyn

The Mullen Family said...

I love the one of Gabe outside in his swimming suit. I think he is ready for summer. Love you gusy

The Rhiens said...

My favorite is the one of Hunter with the look of complete joy as he starts down the slide. How'd you ever capture him mid-slide? The one of Gabe in his swimsuit is great, too. In February in Utah...ha, ha!

Love Mom