Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Now HE knows his ABC's

Recently I found out that Gabe knew the ABC song - but in true 3 year old fashion he would leave out a lot of the letters, or mix them up. Last night I heard him singing it in the car on the way to our date (we went to see High School Musical with my friend Mindy and her daughter) and he had it almost perfect. Then today he sang it nearly perfect several times. I wish I had gotten the other versions on tape - but this one is pretty sweet too.

I sure do love that he's learning so much and that he enjoys it. He has been picking letters out of signs and on packaging. He'll say, "Hey Mom - that word starts with a letter F - just like FISH", and can recognize most letters by sight. Mr. Smarty Pants!


The Mullen Family said...

Good Job buddy. That was great!!!
We love you and miss you

Jessica said...

Great job! My kids both love the Letter Factory by Leapfrog. Spencer is two and knows all of the letters and what they say. It is a half hour and I will let them watch it as much as they want. We also love the show on PBS called Word World. It is amazing how quickly Caleb picked up blending sounds after watching this show. He is four and we are reading books.

Anonymous said...

You Go, Gabe!

Love, Your Aunt Sandra

The Rhiens said...

Good job, Gabe! Nana and Papa are proud of you!

Julia said...

Way to go Gabe! You're so awesome! Love ya bud! :)