Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Last ones of the night....

Well these pictures will definetly be the last of the night. I figure after seeing these icky pictures of the big pregnant lady no one will even want to check our blog out again :).

I have 19 days left until my due date, so I'm sure I'll just keep getting bigger. There doesn't seem to be enough room in my tummy for the baby to grow too much more.....And I can imagine he's getting uncomfortable stuffed in there. We're sure getting excited to welcome him to our family! It's been a long road, but I already know it's worth it.

Pictures of our work van

Cory got the van back tonight and it's finished. This will hopefully be some great advertising for us as our installer drives it around Cedar City and St. George.

More pictures - basement

These pictures aren't the best - because it's hard to get pictures of the basement. But it gives you a general idea. It's a big, long room and hard to capture all together. The work office is the one at the bottom. It's small, but it will work for now, because I can still keep some stuff in my scrap office too. In fact, when the cabinets are done eventually I might move the majority of my work stuff in there. We'll see. Then we have the sectional that faces the entertainment center. And behind that we have like a seating area that faces the "office". It probably doesn't make much sense, but you can at least get some sort of an idea of what we've done with the basement.

More pictures - office

Here are some pictures of my office. The last picture is juts to show you the pretty wood. It's knotty maple, and has really pretty tones to it. It goes really well with the tan countertop (which has kind of a linen look to it), and the sage walls.

Make way for baby

We've been in the process of moving stuff around so that we can get the nursery set up. That meant putting the office in the basement. We've kind of split up the office - giving Cory a desk for Blind Guy stuff, as well as just a central place to work on all of that. Then the other office is for ME! It's not complete yet - it will have upper-cabinets as well as a big hutch. That will all be probably after the baby. There isn't much lighting in the room right now, but we'll have lights under the upper cabinets - that will shine right on the desk space. Also, we'll have built in paper racks that will look like the cabinets.

Then I included pictures of Gabe's room. We'll eventually paint at least one of the walls in that room. We're having a hard time deciding on the color, and what wall to paint. I wanted to just paint one of the bigger walls, so we didn't have to worry about painting around windows/doors/etc - but now Cory has a different idea (of course making his job harder....) So we'll see. We also are going to get a picture of the Savior with children on his lap to hang in the room, maybe a mirror for the baby to look in, and I have the letters of his name to paint and hang up. (depending on the colors of the wall).

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Happy Pioneer Day!

Happy Pioneer Day! I know it was yesterday - the 24th, but it was celebrated today. Cory got up early this morning to help the Boy Scouts put out the flags on everyone's lawn. It's one of my favorite parts of living here - our flag for special holidays. I love to look down the roads and see flags flying in every yard, shouting our gratitude for being able to live in this country!

Then this afternoon, after Cory worked for a good part of the day, we went to the Enoch City celebrations. They had a fun "home-town" parade - with ward floats, and scout troops. It was fun to watch. Then it ended at the park by one of our stake church buildings where they had a big family dinner, dance, pioneer games, a family dance, and a lot of fun. I really like living in a fun little town like Enoch. There is a lot of town pride, and activities that bring the community together. It's cute and quaint. I really think that raising our children here will be a blessing.

Anyway, we are so grateful for our pioneer heritage. It's amazing what the pioneers, and early members of the church have done for us. I am continually in awe of their dedication, hard work, and perserverance. We are so lucky to have their examples, and the heritage that they have entrusted with us. It's overwhelming to think that oneday our generations may be thought of as leaving a "heritage" for our ancestors. It makes me wonder what heritage Cory and I will leave for our posterity.....

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Jumping on the blogging band wagon

Well I guess it's time for us to jump on the bandwagon with the rest of the bloggers of the world and start our own spot on the world wide web. We're hoping this will be a good place for us to post pictures of our baby Gabe when he arrives, and a place for us to bore you with the day-to-day grind of our family.

I'm about 37 weeks pregnant, so this baby could really come at any time. However, being our first - I'm sure he'll probably hang on for as long as possible. We're hoping that he waits until we at least get his room set up, and our doctor (and my mom) come back from being out of town. But he'll come when he's good and ready eh?