Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Make way for baby

We've been in the process of moving stuff around so that we can get the nursery set up. That meant putting the office in the basement. We've kind of split up the office - giving Cory a desk for Blind Guy stuff, as well as just a central place to work on all of that. Then the other office is for ME! It's not complete yet - it will have upper-cabinets as well as a big hutch. That will all be probably after the baby. There isn't much lighting in the room right now, but we'll have lights under the upper cabinets - that will shine right on the desk space. Also, we'll have built in paper racks that will look like the cabinets.

Then I included pictures of Gabe's room. We'll eventually paint at least one of the walls in that room. We're having a hard time deciding on the color, and what wall to paint. I wanted to just paint one of the bigger walls, so we didn't have to worry about painting around windows/doors/etc - but now Cory has a different idea (of course making his job harder....) So we'll see. We also are going to get a picture of the Savior with children on his lap to hang in the room, maybe a mirror for the baby to look in, and I have the letters of his name to paint and hang up. (depending on the colors of the wall).


Earlene said...

It's looking great. Can't wait to see it with Little Gabe in it. Looks like you're all ready for that, too. We are so excited for you.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Of course, I haven't checked the email this week and today I had something FUN to read and LOOK at! Everythings looks so nice. Now I wish we had kept our van and Cory could have used the ski van for the Blind Van! Ha! Hang in there!
Love, Tammy and Kim