Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Ettes - a SALE!

Hello you guys! I have really good intentions of someday being a daily blogger....someday I'll write deep things, things people will want to read. Someday I'll take great pictures that people will want to see. Maybe someday my blog will be important....

But I guess until then I will have a blog that seems to be mainly devoted to Digital Scrapbooking and know what? I'm ok with that :)

Here is a new great kit by my friends "The Ettes". Super cute spring-time kit that is versatile enough to be used for about anything. Lots of fun. The kit is called - "Walking On Sunshine" and will be available Friday April 9th.

And as you can see they are also having a great sale and contest. So be sure to check out the flyer at the end and see the details. Have a great rest of your week!


Anonymous said...

Your blog IS important to me! :)

Love ya!

The Rhiens said...

Your blog IS important, to me!

Love ya!