Sunday, March 28, 2010

LDS General Conference packets

Since LDS General Conference is coming up next weekend (April 3-4th, 2010) I thought it would be good to share some links with you for ideas of things that your kids can do during General Conference to stay entertained, yet learn as they go. These are also great to use for Family Home Evening leading up to General Conference, and really - even adults can use some of them to keep notes on and stay focused.

I'd love to hear what you do with your family during General Conference weekend too - any fun traditions, ways you stay focused? Leave a note in the comments - I'd love to hear!


Katie said...

We have little rubbermade containers for each kid that we fill with treats, drinks, coloring pages, a new box of crayons, stickers, lined paper, pencils, glue, scissors, envelopes etc. They can then listen and be entertained and they don't have to get up for anything. (We make them potty right before, so even that isn't a good excuse. We also talk about King Benjamin and how when he wanted to teach his people about the things Heavenly Father wanted them to do they built tents with the door facing his tower so they could here him. We do that the FHE before Conference and then on Friday night we build a tent with the door facing the tv. The kids watch from inside the tent, with pillows and blankets, and that makes it much more exciting. Another thing that my mom told me about when our kids were still really tiny is to lead by example. We tell them how important it is, and that they have to be reverent so we can all hear, then Troy and I have our notebooks out writing things down, and they can see that we are serious about it, and it makes a big difference, you would be surprised. It think it's also good to start young. The first few are going to be hard, but as they grow they will figure it out, and it will build their testimony.

Sharla said...

Hey Joanna,just have to say that I LOVE your blog...I'm gonna check out the conference packets, my nieces and nephews will be here this weekend and it will be good to have something for them to focus on while watching conference. We usually have a tradition of having Dixie Waffles every conference Sunday with eggs, and Italian sausage. Very yummy.

JenB said...

Thanks for the links. I passed them onto my mom, who I'm sure passed them on to many more people.