Monday, November 09, 2009

Project 365

Since we got home late on Halloween and didn't have time to carve our pumpkins before trick-or-treating we decided to carve them for FHE Monday night. The boys actually used Mr. Potato Head pieces for their pumpkins and then Cory and I used actual knives. I was SO impressed with Cory's. He doesn't normally join us in our carving - and he attempted a pattern and everything. I was impressed! Gabe asked several times what Cory was carving and he told him "The Grim Reaper". The last time Gabe asked he said, "Oh yeah - you already told me - it's 'The Grim-Shaw". (To those who are local this is funny with so many "Grimshaws" that live in our ward/neighborhood.)

I haven't had roasted pumpkin seeds in YEARS - since I was probably 4 or 5 years old. Gabe asked about pmpkin seeds after seeing them in a magazine article and so we gave them a shot. YUM! I have been snacking on them now and LOVE them. So far they haven't made me sick either, which is awesome.

The boys and I had to run to Walmart and saw all of the Halloween stuff on clearance. They were THRILLED that there were some Star Wars costumes on clearance for just $3.00. Sadly they are HUGE on the boys, but they'll have some fun in them I'm sure.

We weren't home when the pest control guys came and sprayed our house/yard. I asked the technician to just leave the bill on the counter. Well he did - but he left a little "friend" with it. It startled me and completly freaked poor Gabe out. We sure laughed about it later and hid the plastic bug toy around the house for others to see.

This was a BIG day at our house. Hunter's first day at preschool! Brings a bit of a tear to my eye....but it's just a 1 day a week and he is going to LOVE it!

Our good friends the Smiths blessed their little baby Cade in their home. It was great to share that time with them and some other friends. And the food they served after - YUMMO! So glad to have great friends close by.

Another BIG day for our family. Uncle Coby's mission farewell. We headed up to Logan to hear Coby speak and spend time with extended family while we celebrated Coby's big decision. We're SO proud of him and all he will be doing these next 2 years to share the gospel with the people of California!

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andrea said...

that picture of Hunter is like the cutest thing I have ever seen. Love it.