Sunday, April 05, 2009

a little update

I haven't gotten many pictures posted lately. Here you go :)

The boys spent last week at Cory's parent's house in Logan. They went for "Spring Break" to see their cousins. It was a full week for them with lots of fun with cousins, aunts, uncle coby, grandma and grandpa. I don't have any pictures (yet) from their outing - but they had a blast. Cory and I enjoyed some (much needed) time together too. It didn't make our troubles disappear - but it gave us some good time to talk, reconnect, and be a married couple.

Then Grandma and Grandpa brought the boys back town to us on Thursday. They went to a Spring Clinic for skiing on Saturday up at Brianhead, so we had them around for the weekend. We had some tasty food, and fun with the boys here while they were visiting. We're so grateful for the time we got to spend with them. We thank them for their advice, their love, and their support in every way.

And lastly - I got my hair permed this week....not because I think my hair even looks good curly - but mostly because it's SO easy. It seems like doing my hair gets put to the back-burner lately, and so I needed something that would be fast. It's looser than I've had before - but I like that. I didn't want it to be too frizzy and curly.

Well General Conference is over and I have felt very uplifted and edified. I loved the feeling of peace and reassurance that our beloved church leaders conveyed to us. We are so blessed to get to listen to their messages every six months during conference - I love it! Hope you all have a fantastic week ahead of you.


ChrissyW said...

oh your hair looks fantastic!!! great pics as always!!

Jesse and Ashley Packer said...

I love your hair curly! It looks so cute!

Alicia and Justin Clark said...

Ah you beat me to it! I so wanted to get my hair permed last week, but my hair dresser is stuck in Utah because she can't fly home because of the volcano. Your hair looks great! I've been wanting to get mine permed too hoping it will be a little more easy to manage. :) Great minds think alike! Love you. Alicia

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

First off, your hair looks great. I always look like a little old lady when I get my hair permed, no matter how long it is. It always amazes me that you and your mom can come out with perms that are so cute.

Second, didn't conference really cover our situations right now. I was really curious with all the economy in the toilet and such what the brothern would have to say to us.

Usually when conference is this close to Easter about 80% of the talks are about Easter, but I didn't hear any that were. (course we missed 2 sessions - one because we were asleep, will watch it later and one because of the volcano).

Anyway, I got out of it that there is protection for what we are going through in the temple and in our temple covenants. And isn't that what we need now more than anything - protection from the economy failing and protection from the despair that everyone is feeling - including us. It's in the temple.

I have not been going to the temple often lately because the last time I went, I had 3 seizures during the session. It was horrible. I get so tired on the trip up and then the intensity of the temple just sets in and seizure city.

My family has followed me in not going and so I have to conquer this problem and get my family back into the temple.

Sister Beck also told us in a fireside in Anchorage last month that the way thru these terrible times is to pull our families to us. Gather them in and we will survive. She said that she understood that in Alaska, that meant to garther with our wards because our ward here is our family.

We have found that very comforting and have shared it with our RS sisters and they are learning to draw comfort from it as well.

When Brian's company closed down 5 years ago, we went right to the temple to find out what to do and the only revelation we got was to not sell our house.

At the time we really didn't see how that was the help we needed considering we didn't have any income, but it has turned out to be the right answer. I know you guys are having a time now. Our prayers are with you.

Go to the temple as often as you can. Now, remember this isn't your mom and dad saying this - this is your Aunt Charlotte. You know my testimony didn't come easy and I don't pass out revelation advice every day - but I can tell you that you need the protection and the answers of the temple.

We love you. Aunt Charlotte

The Candlands said...

Oh my gosh I've wanted a cut and perm for a while. My hair is naturally curly, but not curly enough, so I need a little extra help. But I feel the same way, it's easy...and I can still straighten it once in a while. What size rollers did you use cuz its the exact look I'm going for!

The Mullen Family said...

Your hair looks great Joanna. And we had a ton of fun with the boys, and can't wait to see you at the end of the month. Love ya

Sandra said...

Its always been one of my frustrations that my hair is too fine to perm--it frizzes for two or three weeks and then it just gets limp and random with wierd ends--definitely not a good luck. Yours looks great.

I was glad I got to talk to you for a couple minutes the other night. We should talk more often!

Love you, Sandra

Stacey said...

Your hair is cute!

Tarrah said...

Love the pictures of your boys hugging and your hair looks great.

Tanua said...

Joanna, you are such a beautiful girl.