Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pumpkins 2007

Ok - I have decided that Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays....Between the gore, the scary costumes, the begging/greedy children, millions of calories worth of candy - and now the goopy pumpkin guts - it's just kind of a gross holiday. I'm trying to focus on the FUN parts of it though, since I'm pretty sure with these 2 little boys I'll never get away with not celebrating the holiday.

One thing we did was go to the "Pumpkin Park" to pick out pumpkins. When we got there I realized I didn't have my camera - and Gabe remembered taking pictures last year, so he was disappointed. Oops....So this morning we carved our 2 pumpkins. We haven't done this before - it was tough! I didn't have a great knife to use - and it was just harder than I thought it would be. I had some templates picked out online (you can find some fun ones here) - but then decided to just wing it. It went better if we had straight cuts - so here's what we came up with.


\ said...

cool- We always love pumpkin carving. It's my favorite part of Halloween (and the pumpkin treats and bread bowls with potatoe soup come in a close second though).

We love you-


Carpers said...

Our weather is always so severe that if we put a pumpkin outside, it instantly freezes and goes mush, and if we leave it inside, it is too hot and it molds and wilts - so we started painting or using markers to decorate the pumpkins... the kids can help more when they are little and you don't have to deal with the glop. Love, Aunt charlotte

Chase and Kori said...

what a cute lil pumpkin! looks like both you and Gabe had fun, despite the gooey mess. glad you had a fun trip and are home safe. love the photos!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's great to have you back! I knew you were off having fun, but I missed that blog connection.

I agree with you about pumpkins--I like the idea of it, but it is a lot of work. And I love those fancy patterned carved ones, but who has the time or the wrist strength?

Anyway, this yr I was so busy I just skipped it.

And I gave out light sticks instead of candy, so that felt good too, and the kids seemed to like it ok.

Love you all much. And Loved the pix Gabe took! Love, Sandra