Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Can it get any better than this?

Seriously - can it get any better than Christmas music and Josh Groban!?!?!?
Yeah it can! A Josh Groban Christmas cd full of CLASSIC Christmas, and including a song with Faith Hill (another one of my favorites) and one with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I just barely downloaded this from itunes, but so far so good.

Darn Josh Groban made me break my rule of "No Christmas music before Thanksgiving". Oh well....(and secretly I've been listening to this song by the group SHeDaisy & Rascal Flatts - The Twist of the Magi. Shhh - don't tell.)


Tiffany B said...

I love SheDaisy and their Christmas music is my favorite. I will certainly be needing to get this Josh G. album too. He has such an awesome voice. I think I'll wait until after Halloween to get it though so I don't make my family sick of Christmas music before it is even Thanksgiving Ü

Anonymous said...

Joanna, Since I can play Christmas Music on my piano without actually playing the piano, I have had it set on Christmas Music. I too am guilty of this little habit of listening to Christmas music before Halloween. Love, Grandma

Anonymous said...


I bought the last CD at our Target and I have been listening to it non-stop. I love it! I like to think he is just singing for me. His concert was fabulous and I hope you get to go to one soon. I can't say enough about him and his great voice.


april said...

you enabler!! ;)

Rachel said...

I LOVE HIM. THank you for the hint! I'm going to iTunes right now!!

ps. dang cute little boys. I love the bath picture!!