Thursday, February 08, 2007

Gabe's new toy

We have a really fun next door neighbor - Jerry. Jerry had told us all about these awesome rocking "horses" that he made, and got us excited for then when I was expecting Gabe. Well this morning we got a rocking "dog" of our very own! Jerry has been working on this for months and months and we were so excited to go over to pick it up from him! He put so much attention to detail into this creation, and it literally looks exactly like our dog Sadie - down to her colors and markings - which are EXACT replicas.

Gabe was a little wary at first, but he's in love with it now. He has a hard time staying on the dog by himself (working on balance), but loves to rock on it with mommy and daddy. In fact, we even read our afternoon stories on it this afternoon before Gabe's nap.

Thanks Jerry for sharing your talent with us, and for giving us this beautiful addition to our family!


The Rhiens said...

Wow! The likeness is amazing! Truly amazing. I bet that Gabe will love it as he gets a little older and his legs get a little longer. Jerry and his wife are pretty special neighbors. Wow!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful toy. Gabe looks so darn cute.
Hope you are feeling better.
I am doing a little better efery day. Even my absent mindedness is better. I have to really concentrate and makes lists but I amthankful for how much better I havegotten. I need your snail-mail address.
Love Grandma Marilyn

Anonymous said...

This made me homesick for my grand doggies, Joanna! Jerry is very talented and it's awesome! Tell them hello!

Rhiens said...

cool little doggie!

april said...

oh my gosh!! too cool!!