Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Life lessons

Today was an exhausting day (they all are now that Gabe is getting around so much). Gabe was all over the place, naps didn't happen like they should, and Gabe was VERY opinionated as to what he wanted to eat (and not eat).

At one point I was trying to get something done in my office. Gabe was in playing on the floor right by me, and then in one instant he wasn't anymore. I ran out to see where he had army-crawled off to (he's super fast!) He had started to climb up the stairs. Most of the time he will pull himself up on the bottom stair. But this time he had climbed the bottom stair and was almost done with the 2nd one. He turned around to look at me and looked so proud. So I decided to see how he'd do with the stairs. I positioned myself behind him and let him try to make it up the next one. I was right behind him in case anything happened, but I let him take charge and maneuver up the stairs himself. Well in a very short couple of minutes he had climbed up all 14 stairs - almost flawlessly. I stood behind him each time - just in case there was a stumble. But he did suprisingly well!

Here comes the lesson - or what I hope to teach Gabe (and myself) from this experience someday. There will be times as a mother when the safest and smartest thing will be to pull my child down from the stairs, and occupy him with something different. But there will also be times as a mother when I need to let Gabe experience new things, and be adventureous. These things may be slightly dangerous and even kind of crazy. However, I can stand behind him and support him up each of those steps in case he falls.

So Gabe - know I'll always be just one step behind, and I will always catch you if you fall! I sure do love you punkin!

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The Rhiens said...

Great insight! I'm sure you'll be right there behind him, backing him up through many an experience in life. The scariest times come later, when you have to back away from the "staircase" and let him tackle it on his own. I'm still working on that one at times. :)

Cute picture! I really like the lighting and those little teeth are so darling.

Love, Mom