Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bedtime for baby

Bedtime at our house is really quite fun. Gabe starts really fussing around 8:30 - telling us that it's time for his bath. He looks forward to this time of the day more than anything else! As soon as the water starts running he gets excited and starts kicking. Once he gets in the tub - watch out! The other night I could have sworn we were participating in a rendition of Riverdance - he was kicking like crazy.

After the bath we have a quick massage with the yummy lavendar Aveeno lotion (we LOVE this lotion! Thanks Grandma Whisler!) and slip Gabe into his jammies. There is something just scrumptious about a baby in their pjs! Then we normally read a quick story and have prayer with Daddy. Then Gabe has one last meal for the night, and slips off to sleep. Even nights that he doesn't go to sleep right away he will talk himself to sleep - he's really quite pleasant once he's in bed.

We're truly blessed to have such a good little guy! I'll put up with some evening fussing if I get such a cooperative sleeptime!


Nancy said...

was wondering how you were doing adjusting to your new little one.
he is adorable!!! glad to hear he is a good little guy - it sure helps on those sleepless nights!

Nancy (Wildheart)@2peas

Mom said...

Good-night sweet Gabe! Joanna, thanks so much for posting pictures of him so frequently. It helps us feel like he is not so far away. It is fun to see the grandkids grow and change.

Love, Gramma Rhien

Anonymous said...

Well we have used up cute adorable sweet but he and you and Cory are fantastic.
Happy Thanksgiving. We are all soooo thankful for this wonderful Event. Thanks for sharing. LOve Grandma Marilyn

april said...

what a sweety! cant wait for fun nights like that! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Cammy called and asked for the site! Haven't seen these cute pictures. We enjoyed little Gabe for the holiday and he is even cuter than the pics on the spot! Ha! Keep taking those pics you two!