Tuesday, November 15, 2005


We're back from paradise....and I'm missing it already. We had a great trip, and I have to say that my only complaint was that it was too short and we had to come home too soon (that and the fact that Cory's brand new coat got stolen out of our luggage....) Gabe really did very well for the time change and the traveling. He was a trooper! We also loved having mom and Julia along with us. They were great nannies! So here are some pictures of our great experiences.

This is actually the view out of our hotel room window! We loved sitting on the balcony and listening to the water, or the great Hawaiian music they'd play at night. It was so beautiful and peaceful I could have sat there the whole trip and enjoyed myself!

Here we are at the Beach Blast party they had for us one night. It was a great time! Gabe did great, and we were able to enjoy our meal, play some games, and enjoy one another's company.

The drive we took on the road to Hana was AMAZING! The brochure we took before heading out said that it would be the most beautiful scenery that we'd ever see - and it was certainly correct!!!


Mom and Julia said...

Ahhhhhh! Wasn't it great? It is COLD here today and I am missing those sunny days on the beach about now. Thanks for a wonderful time! We loved Hawaii, but also loved spending time with the three of you.

Love, Mom and Julia
p.s. I think we'll go eat a little pineapple, close our eyes, and try to pretend we are back in Maui. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I am so happy for all of you. Love Grandma Marilyn

april said...

looks like yall had a blast!