Friday, May 17, 2013

“Choose your love. Love your choice.”

I think it was about 7 years ago I heard President Thomas S. Monson speak at a stake conference at Utah State University when we were visiting my in-laws.  In part of his talk he was talking with a very reverent admiration about his wife.  He related a story about onetime when she was away, or sick (I can't remember the details) and he had to go to the grocery store to go shopping because she wasn't able to.  He never had been required to do that in all of their many, many years together because it was something she always did to take care of him.  He talked with some humor about how he wandered around the store with a basket with just some potatoes in it.....and didn't know what to do, or what to buy. Finally a kind stranger asked him if he needed help because he looked lost.  That sweet person took him around the rest of the store to help him with the grocery shopping.  He went on to say how blessed he was to have a wife who had always taken such good care of him and looked out for his physical needs.

As I heard of sweet Sister Monson's passing this was all I could think of - our beloved President Monson needing someone to do his grocery shopping for him now that his sweetheart has passed away....I know she's been ill for some time, and probably has many who help them with the shopping now, but I couldn't help want to make up some casseroles and meals to take over.....

I'm so grateful for his example of loving service, and HER past example of supporting her husband through all of these years of serving in the church.  How many Sunday's she must have wanted her family sitting all together, or longed for him to be home at a reasonable hour for dinner. (Or is that just me when Cory's not home....?)

Times like this make me extra grateful for our knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and all of the blessings we can claim if we life righteously in this life.  Families WILL be together forever!

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JenB said...

Love the top quote *Ü* ... I used to babysit their grandchildren (we were in the same neighborhood/ward). I remember they dropped in one night (that was many years ago, prior to the presidency, but he was still a GA then. So still awe inspiring).