Monday, July 11, 2011

We Give Books

We LOVE reading at our house.  My boys love reading picture books, Hunter loves pretending that he knows the words to Dora the Explorer books (I love hearing him do his own version of sounding out each word - saying it extra slow like we do when I help Gabe sound a word out), they love having me read chapter books to them like Ramona and Beezus, Harry Potter, The Boxcar Children, etc.  I enjoy reading mindless fiction and Cory's a fan of self help and personal improvement books.

Recently we've been working on our summer reading programs from the local libraries.  The boys have earned all kinds of treats and goodies by reading through the summer - ice cream cones, light up magnets, kids meals from various restaurants, book marks, face paint, pizza - it's crazy all the goodies they're earning.  But it's fun to have a goal to read towards too.

I had a friend from our ward send me a link to a really great site that lets you read great books online while you are helping literacy charaties -  My boys are actually clamoring right now to read a few books on the computer with me, so it interests them, makes me happy to see them excited about reading, AND for every book we read this charity will donate a book to the literacy charity of our choice.  Awesome huh?  So check out the site and maybe some of your children's summer reading can be for a good cause!

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Wingz said...

I think this is a wonderful idea. I will definetly check it out.