Monday, June 07, 2010

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

Last week we started swimming lessons!  Hunter's not old enough for lessons yet (except for the Mommy & Me class - and we might do those later in the summer...I'm not sure) - but Gabe has become quite the fish.  Last week when we stayed in SLC in a hotel he went nuts with swimming and had NO FEAR.  When we got home I figured it was the perfect time to get him in lessons because he was so excited about it. 

He has been so great at it!  He has no concerns about going under water - in fact, we don't see him most of the lesson because when it's not his turn he's on the little platform jumping under the water as many times as he can. He has really enjoyed his teacher "Mr. Tom" and I've been impressed with him too.  I like it because he can see that Gabe is excited and has actually pushed him harder than the other kids in the class.  When they jump to the teacher he steps back and lets Gabe jump in himself and then just helps him up if he needs (and encourages Gabe to touch the bottom - he loves it!).

What I have loved the most is seeing Gabe's confidence in it all.  Gabe tends to be more timid and shy about trying new things - especially physical types of things (I understand that all too well!).  Watching him start playing soccer last summer was torture for me because the look of fear and anxiety on his face was so familiar to me.  I hated making him do it because I knew those feelings, I've felt that sick pit in the bottom of my stomach - I could empathize with him 100%.  So seeing him light up more than ever before has been so exciting for me!  I love seeing him search the stands for us after he's gone under water for the millionth time to make sure we're watching and I love seeing the smiles as he interacts with his teacher and class. 

Way to go Gabers!


Hunter is my little buddy during lessons.  For the most part he just sits and colors while we're there. I've been surprised how good he's been for lessons.  I had been worried that he would be upset that Gabe gets to swim and he doesn't - but it hasn't seemed to phase him.


Mrs. Ellis said...

How fun! Good job, buddy! Lots of good photos too. And Joanna, you look absolutely beautiful in the blue shirt (and all around too, but the shirt really brings out your eyes) Hope you guys are having the best summer possible!

The Rhiens said...

You go, Gabe! I am so proud of you! Swimming can be SO fun. I am glad that you have so much fun with it.

Looks like Hunter has fun, too.

And I have to agree with Kori, Joanna. You look so pretty in that picture.

Love, Nana and Papa