Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Man I love those boys!

Man I love my little boys. I'll be honest, there are days when I hide in my closet for a minute of quiet, or pray for naptime to last a little longer.....but then there are days like today when I am overwhelmed with feeling blessed to be called Mom.Today we just had a few sweet moments, a few silly, and a few tender and sweet. I wish there were ways to take you all along for some of those moments. I don't write it all down quite like I used to....and sadly I'm not remembering the moments as well as I used to either....but I really want to try harder. The sweet moments are what life are about - right? Here are a few random thoughts about the boys:

  • Hunter has been working really hard at talking lately. We've had a couple of meetings with a local Speech Therapist. She comes and gives us some tips on things we can work on with increasing his vocabulary and helping him speak clearly. He is also going to a Toodler preschool class one day a week for a couple hours. He LOVES it. He loves getting ready for school, loves his friends, teachers and telling us (or trying to tell us) about his fun when we pick him up. It makes him seem just that much more grown up....and when he took his Christmas treat to his teachers last week it was just like taking a glimpse into a few years from now when he'll be taking his 3rd grade teacher a present. Man, life goes by way too fast.
  • Today after Gabe got home from school I was talking with him in the couch and Gabe gave me a big hug. Hunter came over, tried hugging me and then looked totally hurt. He said, "No, Hunter Mom's favorite". In his sweet little language and his pouty lip sticking out. So sweet. So I hugged and snuggled both of them extra tight. They're both my favorites - right?
  • I was teasing the boys and asked if either of them had a girlfriend. Gabe quickly said "NO!" (which is not the answer he gives his friends - he tells everyone else about his girlfriend Naia) but Hunter called out "YES!" He told us a name over and over again but sadly we didn't understand who it was.....so apparently Hunter has a girlfriend...her name? Not quite sure.
  • Gabe had his preschool Christmas program today at school. They sang some really cute songs, made me a sweet ornament with a picture of him for a gift, and made me smile. His teacher made a really cool crayon keeper for them and he was so impressed by it. He LOVES it. He was so cute to hear through the whole day saying sweetly, "Mom, I just love my crayon case." We're so lucky to have a great teacher who clearly cares about the kids in her class, and who Gabe has a great time with. So lucky!
  • Today we were driving and listening to Christmas music. Clay Aiken's voice came over the radio singing one of my favorite Christmas carols, "The First Noel". Gabe said thoughtfully, "Mom - did that guy just say 'No elves?'" He's repeated it many times tonight, including singing his version as we sang together tonight.
  • The boys were both thrilled to have "Family Game Night" tonight. Apparently the television ads that have been on the last few years about "Family Game Night" have gotten to Gabe because he was beyond excited to play games together tonight. It was fun to all laugh together like that. I look forward to a time when the boys will be ready to play some of our favorites (Rumikub and Uno to name a few). And for the record - I totally smoked all 3 of them at Candyland the first round!
  • "Grandma Tammy" (Cory's mom) sent the boys home with a little candle with a list of scriptures to read each night as a family. We're supposed to light the candle and read together. Can I just say that this has worked better than any other efforts we've made at reading the scriptures together as a family? The boys are thrilled to get our candle out and can't wait to help blow it out at the end. I have LOVED the sweet moments we've had together as a family as we've read the scriptures and explained the stories to them. They have seemed to just get it these last several nights. Tonight we read about how the Savior calmed the storming seas (Mark 4:35-41 I think) and had a very sweet talk about it afterwards. I ended up with tears (as I often do when I feel the spirit like that) and Hunter kept telling me to be "happy!". I explained to the kids that I was happy, super happy and that sometimes when I am that happy I cry. A few minutes later we were finishing bedtime preparations and getting ready for bed. I looked at Gabe and his eyes were full of tears. He came over and wrapped his arms around my legs. He said, "Mom, sometimes I cry when I'm really happy too. Like right now." The moments when gospel lessons hit home and it "clicks" are precious.

I love them - a lot!


Kim and Tammy said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I felt the candle might work. Should have sent two! Love YA!

TM said...

Glad your family is doing well! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Years!!!

Tarrah M.